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Some of the Nicest Quality Treadmills at Really Affordable Everything under $800 some even under $100
Shipping is $85 on all.

 Current Sole Models

  • Weslo Cadence 255DR Treadmill WLTL21104
    You'll have no trouble reaching your fitness goals with the help of the Cadence 255 DR treadmill. Enjoy the convenience and safety of 0-10 mph digital speed control. Control the incline of up to 10% with the touch of a button and track your progress on 2 large LCD displays. $699.00
  • Weslo Cadence C78 Treadmill WLTL49304 Maximize your workout results with the invigoration of a 2 speed CoolAire Workout Fan and a powerful 2.5 THP Impulse Drive System. You will also cut stress on your joints and increase workout comfort with the unique Comfort Cell impact absorption system. $599.00
  • Weslo Cadence C72 Treadmill WLTL39304 Lose weight and get in shape with the Weslo® Cadence C72 treadmill, featuring a 2.5 THP/1.5 CHP Impulse™ drive system, 0-10% Power Incline™ , 0-10 MPH digital speed control, iFIT® compatibility and more. $449.00
  • Weslo Cadence 340 CS Treadmill WLTL2901 The sturdy, spacious Cadence 340 CS lets you reach speeds of up to 8 miles per hour at your choice of four inclines. Comfort Cell™ cushioning ensures that your joints avoid impact. $399.00
  • Weslo Cadence DS 11 Treadmill WLTL2982 Bring home the power of fitness with the Cadence DS 11 treadmill by Weslo, featuring a 2.0 HP Power Drive motor, 0-10 MPH speed control, four-position incline, Step-by-Step™ feedback console and Comfort Cell™ cushioning. $299.00
  • Get fit with the Cadence C32 treadmill from Weslo. Get fit with the Cadence C32 treadmill from Weslo. With a 2.0 HP Power Drive Motor, Comfort Cell™ cushioning, 0-8 MPH speed control, four-position incline and SpaceSaver® technology, the Cadence C32 will get you in shape fast. $299.00
  • The Weslo Cadence DS 10 treadmill will help you shed pounds fast. With a Step-by-Step™ console, digital speed control, four-position incline and three sets of hand weights, the Cadence DS 10 makes losing weight a snap. $299.00
  • Weslo Cadence C44 Treadmill WLTL29305 More than a basic treadmill, the Cadence C44 from Weslo features a 2.25 THP Impulse drive system, Comfort Cell™ cushioning, digital speed, an EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor and adjustable incline. Treadmills have long been one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment because of the great cardio and weight-loss benefits. $399.00
  • Weslo Cadence G-25 Treadmill WLTL19105 treadmill is great for anyone beginning an exercise program. With a 1.0 THP Impulse™ Drive system, digital speed control and a large LCD display, this treadmill makes getting in shape easy.
  • Weslo Cadence C22 Treadmill WLTL1932 The durable, affordable Cadence C22 treadmill lets you maintain a comfortable pace (0-5 mph) with manually adjustable three-position incline. Includes Step-by-Step™ Feedback Console.$229.00
  • Weslo Cardio Stride Plus WLTL0153 Get a quick workout with the Cardio Stride Plus from Weslo, featuring a Step-by-Step™ Console with an extra-large LCD display, three-position incline, dual flywheel and SpaceSaver® design. $99.00

Many other models available on the market

  • Weslo Cadence C62 
  • Weslo Cadence C42 
  • Weslo Cadence L290 
  • Weslo Cadence DS 11 
  • Weslo Cadence C32 
  • Weslo Cadence CR12 
  • Weslo Cadence 340 CS 
  • Weslo Cadence C22 
  • Weslo AerobicStride 
  • Weslo CardioStride Plus 

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