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Why Weslo treadmill ratings are ranked so high!

Who ranks #1 in treadmill consumer ratings

More than ever Weslo is making a name for itself, becoming part of not just gyms but households throughout America. The Weslo treadmill you can have the best of two worlds; home fitness and low costs. One of the more inexpensive models, the Weslo treadmill motivates you in more than one way. At these prices, it is easy to convince yourself that having a treadmill at home is not only easier than heading out to the gym, but cheaper as well. Take a moment to look at our treadmill ratings page and learn from the best magazines, who ranks the highest.

Just like other treadmills, the Weslo treadmill allows you to monitor your fitness accomplishments, such as speed and calories burned. It has a manual incline that helps you increase your heart rate in stages. Geared towards giving you a comfortable workout, there are four different incline levels.

Saving money is always a smart idea, as is committing to your fitness goals. Meet your goals at a low price with the Weslo treadmill. If you compare models, you will find that you do not always have to spend a lot of money to get what you want out of your home gym.

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