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It's no lie that the True treadmill is a great in home fitness solution.. check the true treadmill ratings

Though not as highly publicized perhaps as other machines, the True treadmill has many great features that can give you a top quality workout. I was surprised that I had heard very little about the True treadmill, as it is a very nice looking machine and the company has been around for over twenty years.

The philosophy behind the True treadmill is that they want you to get the most out of life and your workout. This is machine that can attend to the needs of the novice or the superstar athlete. It has a unique system called the S.O.F.T. Select System that is designed to cushion your cardio workout. The real benefit of this is that there is hardly any stress to your fitness routine.

Offering both regular and orthopedic belts, the True treadmill is a highly advanced machine that offers you a safe, effective workout. There are a number of models to choose from, all with varying prices. The company stands behind its high quality standards. If you are looking for a low impact machine to compliment your workout, these treadmills are worth exploring.

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