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Trimline Treadmills

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 Current Trimline Models

Trimline Treadmills provide years of faithful service in homes all over the world. The framework, electronics, motor, belt, rollers and controllers work together as a synchronized unit that house finely crafted American components. So you can be assured your getting quality.
Trimline treadmills use durable motors that are the size and quality normally found in higher-priced health club treadmills. The motors are designed to run smoother, quieter and with less vibration than any motor in its class. Trimline stands behind their strong motors with one of the best motor warranties in the industry.

In the fitness industry, is a  mid-priced treadmill The 7010HR and 7000 models are all new for the 2003 season. These Trimline treadmills have a hot new look and wider running surfaces than the models they replace. These treadmills have the most requested and most essential features for people serious about fitness.


Trimline Treadmills include:
  • Trimline 1050
  • Trimline 2200 
  • Trimline 2400
  • Trimline 2600
  • Trimline 3300
  • Trimline 1620 
  • Trimline 7010HR 
  • Trimline 7050 
  • Trimline 7000 
  • Trimline 7150
  • Trimline 7600
  • Trimline 7200 Treadmill
  • Trimline 7800 Treadmill


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