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Home > recouping gains yoga allows a fitness competitor to recover

Fitness competitors have it tougher than other physique athletes. Not only must they weight train, diet and do their cardio, but they must also train extensively to excel in their fitness routines. Ask any competitor and she'll tell you that training for her routine is much harder than weight training. And all that work leaves little time for recovery which, ironically, is crucial for growth, improvement and avoiding injury One solution that some fitness pros have turned to is yoga. While it might seem that adding more training would work against a busy fitness pro's schedule, it turns out that yoga can be a time-effective strategy

That's because yoga can become part of both your training and your recovery. Such activities are known as "active rest," and might also include a casual walk or Pilates. IFBB fitness pro Laurie Vaniman explains that she likes to take a yoga class on her recovery day. "You need to take a full day off at least once a week to allow your body to recover from the pounding of cardio, routine and weight training. Those activities can have a negative effect on your body if you do them day after day without a break. Yoga gives your body that break, but it can also help you improve your flexibility, which is so crucial for fitness competitors."

Laurie adds that she finds yoga valuable after training. "When I finish a workout, I often feel worn out, but if I do a yoga class right afterward, I come out of the class energized and calm. It's a great way to jump-start my recovery."

Mental & Physical Recovery

Even if you've never done yoga, chances are good that you'll feel some of the benefits the first time you take a class. Typically, most yoga classes start slowly build up in intensity and end with relaxation. The end result is a feeling of bliss or calmness, Los Angeles-based sports psychologist consultant Teri Warner explains that this sensation is physiological. "Yoga increases your circulation immensely and can help flush toxins and lactic acids. You'll feel better and you'll recuperate at a faster rate.

"For the competitor, yoga can be both a physical and a mental rest," she adds. "You're using an aspect of the mental process that's different from what most people normally do. This thought process helps you become more in tune with your body. Often, we have things going on in our bodies that we're not even aware of, whether it's the start of an injury or tightness in a particular area. The awareness is good -- it opens the channels for mental creativity, and it can even help you design innovative movements for your routine."



a full week

day  weights                  cardio  other

1    Back                   30 min
2    Chest, shoulders, tri's          Routine
3                             30 min  Routine
4    Legs, abs                30 min
5                             30 min  Routine
6                                     Yoga
7    Rest


* It enhances your balance and helps youridentify weak points. "Some yoga positions are hard for me even though I am flexible. I think that will be true for everybody." Laurie says.

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