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ProForm 5 Star Interactive Trainer 1200 Treadmill most affordable 5 Star treadmill features a 2.0 CHP motor and all the perks of the unique 5 Star program. For your cardio training, enjoy eight weeks worth of interactive workout discs featuring speed- and incline-control, energizing music and a personal trainer's voice to keep you motivated.
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ProForm 1000 S Treadmill Get in great shape with the ProForm 1000 S treadmill, featuring a 2.75 CHP commercial-grade motor, QuickSpeed™ and QuickIncline™ controls, ProTech™ cushioning and SpaceSaver® design. Read Full Review


ProForm 840 Treadmill There's nothing this versatile treadmill doesn't have. The powerful 2.25 CHP Commercial MACH™ Drive System ensures maximum performance and very little noise. The easy-to-read control panel with ClearView™ Console technology gives you the best possible visibility every step of the way. And the one-touch QuickSpeed™ controls jump you to the speed you want instantly..Read Full Review


ProForm 730 Treadmill  It's everything you want in a treadmill - and then some. This power-packed machine provides a quiet, non-slip surface for maximum results. The latest ClearView™ Console technology ensures maximum visibility. One-touch QuickSpeed™ controls jump you to the speed you want instantly. But what's the best thing about the new 730 Treadmill? The price.. Read full Review


ProForm 750 Treadmill Burn calories and get in shape with the new ProForm 750 treadmill, featuring a 2.25 CHP Mach™ drive motor, ProShox Plus™ impact absorption, a ClearView™ monitor and ten built-in workouts.. Read full review


ProForm CX18i Treadmill Find the perfect balance of fitness and features with the CX18i Treadmill from ProForm. A powerful 2.75 THP Mach™ drive system, ProShox™ Impact Absorption, Power Incline™ and a ClearView™ Backlit Display make this machine perfect for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts. Read full review


ProForm 6.0 GSX Treadmill The ProForm 6.0 GSX Treadmill comes packed with powerful features. Get in great shape with a 2.75 THP MachZ™ motor, AirTek™ impact absorption, Power Incline™ and QuickSpeed™ controls, a ClearView™ backlit display and SpaceSaver® design.
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ProForm 540 Treadmill  Pick up your progress and perk up your health with the ProForm 540 Treadmill, featuring QuickSpeed™ Control, Power Incline™, iFIT® compatibility, ProShox™ impact absorption and more. Make a change in your workouts and in your life with the help of this feature-packed treadmill. Read full review

Proform offer many more treadmills shown below all 
of which can be reviewed here

ProForm 695 Pi Treadmill
ProForm 400 GL Treadmill 
ProForm 595 Pi Treadmill
ProForm CrossTrainer VX Treadmill
ProForm 350 Treadmill
ProForm CrossWalk™ Caliber Treadmill
ProForm CrossWalk™ Performance LXs Treadmill
ProForm CrossWalk™ Performance X Treadmill
ProForm CS15e Treadmill 

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