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ProForm Treadmill Review

Consider all the factors.. A Detailed look at the ProForm treadmill series, consumer reports and what they have to offer.

ProForm treadmills are a popular brand produced by Icon Health and Fitness, who are the largest fitness company today with sales soaring on all their products. As a company they produce many brands ranging from Reebok, Weslo, Nordic Track and of course ProForm which is one of the original Icon brands. 

The ProForm typically range in price between $399 to $1000, and can be found in large quantities with most major merchants, with this wide range of pricing it essentially allows people  with various budgets the chance of owning one. 

There are many models you can choose from like the ProForm Crosswalk performance, Crosswalk 385x, CS7E, 995 SLE, 720, C 1050 and the C1250 all of which you can now view online, and even get a close up look at the treadmills Console with an interactive control panel which allows you to mouse over the buttons on the control panel and see what each button does, I have to say this is cool, specially for those who are looking to buy a ProForm online. Take a look at the console here " Interactive Console"

After looking at all the overall picture that consumers had given through Epinions and other consumer reports we have compiled a review of the ProForm Treadmill Series as a whole, instead of covering each model in detail. Even though they vary in price, generally the quality of how its built remains the same throughout the series and its more of a case, that the higher models just have more features and options. 

Before deciding if one of the ProForm Treadmills is right for you its important to take a close look at certain things like  motor, belt, electronics, comfort, durability, quality of features, space requirements, noise , price range, warranty, customer service and the pros and cons of the machine. This review is based on what the overall experience consumers have had  owning a ProForm Treadmill.

  • Motor: Motors are very important when deciding on a treadmill, so this is one area I will place emphasis on. If you have a motor that is too weak, it will have to strain and use all of its energy to do a simple workout. This stress on the motor creates added noise and added wear, contributing to a shorter lifespan. Think of it as a cars engine. To get up a hill in car with a weak engine, you need to floor it and make the engine work as hard as it can, which is both stressful on the engine and noisy. In a powerful V8 engine, however, you only have to use the throttle lightly which means less noise and less wear on the engine. Motors are are all rated in horsepower, but different models use different rating systems. There is the PEAK horsepower that a motor can produce, and then there is the CONTINUOUS DUTY power that a motor can produce. The peak power is the power you will get from a treadmill when you are using it at the "right" speed and incline. The continuous duty rating is the power which the motor ALWAYS produces. Continuous duty ratings are always significantly less than peak horsepower ratings, and you usually only find continuous duty ratings on more expensive models. In my experience, most people have found that a 2.75 HP peak motor is about equivalent to a 1.75 HP continuous duty motor. A 2.75 HP, which is enough for walking, jogging, and running. If you plan on running, you shouldn't consider anything less than this.
  • Belt: The belt is another important part of the treadmill. A belt that is too narrow will be difficult to jog or run on as your feet tend to stray left and right a little bit. A tread that is too short means you risk running off the end of the treadmill.  A "small" belt is about 16", and a "medium" sized belt is about 18". Overall people said that the belts were nice and wide, giving them plenty of room to run, walk or jog
     With the ProForm you can vary how much "bounce" the treadmill has so that you can make it more appropriate for your style of exercise.
  • Features: These days treadmills come with lots of different electronics, made to make your workout easier, safer, and more enjoyable. The ProForm comes with an easy-to-read LCD display (good for darker rooms). The various windows tell how many calories you have burned, the distance you have run, the speed you are at, and lots more. The center display shows a 1/4 mile track, so you can "see" how far you are running and how far you have left to go. I feel this is a very handy visual reference.

    The ProForm also comes with a number of built in performance programs. These programs last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes and make your workout more interesting. These programs automatically vary the speed and incline of the treadmill to simulate various road or trail conditions. The center console displays your current position on the program, and allows you to see what "terrain" is up next.

    Most ProForm treadmills also come with compatibility. This allows you to use videos, audio cd's, and the internet to change the way your treadmill works. You can download new performance programs off the internet, and watch footage of a run through a canyon as the treadmill changes speed and incline to the video.
  • Comfort
    ProTech Adjustable Cushioning Deck reduces the amount of stress on joints such as knees, hips and ankles, people raved about this feature and said how much they were pleased with it. One person said it was like " Running on Air"
  • Durability: Most people agreed that these the build on these are strong yet manageable for carrying, one comment was made by a user that he dropped something extremely heavy on it, and it still continued to run perfectly, in his mind this was excellent value for money.
  • Assembly: Most come preassembled requiring only handrails and console unit to be installed. They provide both a manual to follow, customer support to walk you through it or for a small fee will send someone to assemble it for you. Overall most people ran into a few glitches following the manual but did figure it out after and a while.
  • Space Requirements: Space Saving Foldaway Design allows for easy setup and storage, again a lot of people raved about this feature and how useful it was.
  • Warranty: 90 Days on labour and parts, but extended warranty is available ranging from $99 - $300
  • Price Range: The ProForm Series ranges from $399 - $1000 which is great for the beginner or the advanced treadmill user.


  • Noise: Most people have commented, that it was slightly noisy, when people enquired about this with customer service they said, it will give a certain amount of noise like any machine. Now its possible that this could be a number of things, from the motor to the surface they have the treadmill on.
  • Warranty: is short its 90 Days covering parts and labor, but you can buy extended warranty which ranges anywhere from $99 to $300 for 2-3 years. Due to many retailers though its skimpy on the warranty they are the one treadmill that has the highest sales and the least amount of returns.


  • Comfort: Nearly everyone has said how comfortable it is to run on due to the ProTech Adjustable Cushioning,  it means less stress on ankles, knees and hips.
    ProForm is a real winner in this area. 
  • Space Saving Foldaway Design: Everyone agrees this is helpful feature.
  • Price Range: You can pick up one of their low end models for $399, so definitely there is a model that can fit into all budgets.
  • Durability: Many people said it was Solid, and well built but not heavy, one customer commented that he dropped something extremely heavy on it by accident and it still ran perfect.
  • Built in Workout Trainer: Close to the $600 mark you will find they come with built in workout programs and on the high end models even a 8 week  program  on CD.

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