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Nordictrack treadmill e3200 

This treadmill, the Nordic track e3200 treadmill offers 15 varied workouts to cater for any need or intention.  This machine has little bounce compared to earlier models and feels solid in use with a good quality and stylish console, which is simple to use despite the lack of heart rate, controlled workouts.   

Featuring a 2HP motor, the Nordictrack e3200 treadmill provides plenty of power and boasts a 0-12% incline range that is perfectly suitable in providing a wide range of different exercise options.  The speed range from 0-12 mph is suitable and the space saver foldaway design is useful for those who use their bedroom as their gym.  The® compatibility on the Nordictrack e3200 is also a great feature and common for Nordictrack products 

The minimal sound produced by the machine is a definite advantage over other treadmill makes.  The treadmill is indeed very attractive yet this hinders the quality of the machine.  The 275-pound weight limit is a little low and restricts its users heavily and the value despite the “sale prices” is not especially cheap.  In all, the Nordic track e3200 treadmill is the ideal entry-level treadmill but serious treadmill users may be disappointed with the average outlook of this machine.

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