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NordicTrack 700 

The NordicTrack 700 is a machine that was designed for the amateur fitness fan, for home and personal use, although its so good, Id be surprised not to find one in a gym in a hotel or sports club. The NordicTrack 700 have an air of quality about it and have no common problems associated with it. It is often reviewed and many will comment on the smoothness of the run and the power in the motors. The digital read out that it offers is excellent, and allows you to plan the perfect work out. 

The NordicTrack 700 boasts very silent running, and although there is no doubting the performance, after long periods of running the motors can become noisy and at a pitch that tends to irritate the user. The machine itself though is at heart a running treadmill and you would be hard pushed to find one better than the NordicTrack 700 for the same price. Many a gym owner may well are interested in purchasing such a treadmill, as although they lack the greater features of better models its costs a lot less. 

There are very few common problems with the NordicTrack 700 although some might say it is bulky and weighty for what it offers. It is akin to most other treadmills in these respects and the weight and size is not unreasonable for a machine of its class. This would be a good machine for an amateur who regularly works out at a gym, but likes to work out at home in between as well.

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