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Nordic track treadmills reviewed – A great company with a great range (If a little heavy) 

Nordic track has produced several treadmills in their latest range.  Here the Nordic track treadmills reviewed showing the advantages and disadvantages of the company and the actual machines.  Treadmills reviewed by Nordic track range from $2000 to $4000 and all come with the basic features including® compatibility, at least 0-10mph speed range and a incline percentage of at least 10%. 

The Nordic track treadmills reviewed to try and give a sense of the whole range.  The Nordic track 8600 is the top of the range treadmill and has all the features.  The only disadvantage is the weight limit and its actual weight; that of a small car.  This is not the only Nordic track treadmill reviewed however since I shall also mention the less expensive c1900 which has most of the main features and weighs less.  Indeed it is less powerful than the 8600 but the money had to come from somewhere…  

The style of al the Nordic track treadmills reviewed is usually of the chrome and wood styling common in kitchens nowadays.  This is a great relief when compared to the more e1980s look of the other brands.  Although I concede and hope that looks aren’t everything, these treadmills are also packed with features and help to retain the high reputation for Nordic track and its machines.

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