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Nordic track e3800 

The Nordic track E3800 is a good quality treadmill. With a belt size of 20” x 55”, an average runner/walker has more than enough room for a comfortable, stable stride. Heavy duty, FlexStep padding beneath the belt provides for a comfortable balance between support and cushioning. The speed range on this treadmill goes from 0-12mph and the bed can be inclined up to 12%.  

Like most of the other Nordic Track models, the Nordic track e3800 can fold away for storage. Two rubber arms, about 18” long, provide stability when running. Sensors (also known as the “CardioGrip”) located just below the console can be held for a few seconds to compute your heart rate. Like many of the other Nordic track models, this machine comes with fans and also an “aromatherapy” component, whereby a runner can dab some scented oils on sponges to enhance the air to help invigorate during the exercise.  

A key is also provided as an added safety component. The treadmill cannot function without the key being inserted into the slot at the base of the console. Lastly, but arguably most importantly, is the general warranty: 3 years motor, 2-year parts, 1-year labour.  This treadmill is a good quality and packed with little extras, but lacks the great reliability that a true athlete requires.

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