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As we prepared this issue, the staff learned of the death of M&F HERS reader and this month's success story; Nancy Minskoff-Milau. The 47-year-old New Yorker first submitted her story in April, detailing her fight against breast cancer and how a newfound love of fitness became her survival mechanism. Even after her extensive surgeries, just going to the gym to watch others train kept her drive intact until she was back on her feet. Unfortunately, the cancer returned and quickly took over Nancy's body, and she died Aug. 15.

The editors were left with the difficult decision whether to publish her story posthumously. After speaking with Nancy's husband Charles, who shared how excited Nancy had been about being featured in M&F HERS, we decided to include her courageous battle as an "Inspiring Minds" article. We honor this incredibly brave woman, who was training in the gym up until three weeks before her death, on page 16. Nancy's story reminds us that fitness isn't just about aesthetics; it's about doing what feels good, being strong and embracing life with all its challenges.

The popular phrase "survival of the fittest" conjures a new meaning now. Being fit gives you the ability to face your environment--internal and external--and then adapt. Nancy trained to be stronger for her battle with breast cancer. That wasn't the initial impetus that brought her to the gym, but it soon became her motivation and her method of survival.

While everyone has different reasons for making fitness a part of their lives, consider the possible events your workouts prepare you for that are secondary to your goals. They could include having more energy, eating better, staying well or keeping up with your kids. Exercise makes our lives easier to manage. So when we're thrown a curve ball, our bodies--and minds--can better adapt to the situation, whether you're averting a fall or battling for your life. Exercise has made you strong.

We hope you're as inspired by Nancy's story as we have been. Her memory lives on in her family and friends, and in our book that makes her a survivor--of the fittest.

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