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Little Kicks for Kids: Dynamic Cardio Fitness Workout. videocassette. color. 45 min. Bright Minds. 2001. ISBN 0-9708596-0-0. $19.95.

PreS-Gr 6--Little Kicks for Kids attempts to introduce children to a fairly intricate cardiovascular workout, hut it is marred by clumsy camera work. Host Jesse Elder has energy and enthusiasm to spare as he leads a group of multiethnic boys and girls (ages 4 and up) through various routines. Elder tells viewers that exercising regularly leads to higher grades and a better attitude. He stresses that children should have fun while performing the exercises and will improve every time. In the first section, Elder shows a fairly large group how to stretch, do the "tiger claw," and perform other moves. The editing is quite busy during this segment. The participants look like they are having fun, but the MTV-style camera tricks (the action looks like it has been speeded up) detract from the instruction. Elder leads only five youngsters through a tougher routine in the second section. Elder and the young participants are enthusiastic, but one of the children is lopped out of the frame (we can see only glimpses of him), which is very distracting. The third exercise segment is like the first one, but with more moves done to a techno/disco beat. Elder ends the program with a pep talk, telling children to yell "Bring It On!" when asked to perform everyday chores and do homework, and the kids in the video have a ball yelling those words. The video's likable host offers viewers an important message, but it would have been delivered more successfully with fewer video tricks.--Brian E. Wilson, Oak Lawn Public Library, IL

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