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Beyond the routine life: Exercise Routines

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The majority of our life is a routine, particularly Monday through Friday. Routines are generally good. They are predictable and they provide us with a degree of certainty in an otherwise uncertain world. The problem with routines is they can lead to complacency.

I'm a perfect example. If I can get through my daily routine then I feel I have fulfilled my quota of accomplishments and now I can call it a day. But to excel in life, either professionally, physically or personally, I have to move beyond the routine.

It is the life of a routine that prevents individuals from pursuing an active lifestyle. And for those that do workout regularly, it is the routine that will prevent you from taking it to the next level. Part of the restraints that result from a routine are psychological. In your mind you conclude, "This is all the time I have." "I don't have the energy to push my workout any harder." "I've reached my quota for the day."

The other problem with exercise routines is that they can be monotonous and tedious. I'm sure we all have those occasional workouts that seem to be equivalent to watching paint dry.

Here I am approaching 50 and I have a dilemma. As my metabolism further slows down, at my current level of exercise I am gradually gaining weight. Those jeans are getting harder to get into. Remember your youthful metabolism that could burn anything you put in your body.

So I have to break one or two routines. They are my diet and my level of exercising. On the diet front the food needs to be less in quantity and calories. In regards to exercising, I need to kick it up a few degrees. In both length and intensity.

So how do you break out of the routine? If you are currently not exercising you need to get up and move. Prioritize your life and place your health and exercising at the top of your list. For example, when you wake in the morning rather then getting your stimulus from caffeine try an endorphin rush instead. Always manage your expectation and start with a program that is reasonable.

If you presently exercise, change your regiment. Try difference types of exercises. For example, and here is a shameless plug, I recently purchased a home gym. Now I have the ability to perform 50 different strength exercises in the convenience of my home. And from the sore muscle I initially rediscovered, I realize that this is having a positive affect. Now I have new motivation and variety.

If you are a runner or walker, change your locale for your workouts. Get out to the neighborhood park. Run around a lake or walk through the woods. Or if you prefer working out on cardio equipment, experiment with the numerous interactive programs.

If you use a health club, try different equipment. Attend a cardio class. Hire a fitness trainer to consult on ways to optimize your workout. Try the latest craze in exercise videos. Join a group that workouts together on a regular basis. Do you get the point? Do something different in order to get yourself motivated and to the next level.

Here's to a healthy and prosperous Year.

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