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Treadmills remain one of the most convenient home fitness equipment available today, as no matter how demanding your lifestyle might be, more people today find it easier to stay in shape consistently by having one in their home. Whether your into casual walks or Olympic marathons, treadmills are great for reaching and maintaining the fitness level you desire. This treadmill buyers guide will offer answers to the most frequent questions asked.

To compare treadmills, read over our reviews and ratings, as they cover many different choices specific to consumer needs. The consumer ratings will provide an easy way for you to see how well each treadmill performs long term.

Treadmill Buyers Guide Checklist

Horsepower -  We recommend at least 1.5 hp, also check for the continuous-duty rating for the motor's true horsepower.
Speed - Look for  a safe smooth starting speed of 0.5 m.p.h. which you can  increase to 10 12 m.p.h. for running.
Belt Two-ply belts tend to be the strongest. Also make sure you have sufficient room for a large stride. 
Deck A good deck allows the motor to run at lower temperatures preventing overheating. so look to choose a quality deck made of quality materials.
Incline - 10% incline or more and quiet is what you might want to look at having.
Electronic controls A simple computerized panel is best. Display time, speed, distance and more. .some have preset programs and history.
Heart rate  monitor control Lets you know if you are working at your target heart rate, this is great to have.
Frame Light or Strong frame? Personally stronger frames like  high alloy steel tend to be extremely good and strong but you can get aluminum frames which are lighter. Personally I would recommend a strong frame as you want it to last. Take a look at user weight ratios.
Safety Emergency shut offs should be easy to reach. Hand rails should have a good grip. Use a separate circuit breaker for longer life. Some have a start key.
Warranty Ask how accessible parts are for ordering and then look at two or more years on moving parts as a standardl and 5 or more years on the motor and electronics. 

Ultimately,  You do get what you pay for, so sometimes spending an extra few more dollars can be worth your while in the long run.. Treadmills should be solid, so that no matter what speed you have it set at, you won;t be getting any vibrating, this is a good indication of a well made treadmill.

The Internet provides so many choices and prices that generally stores cannot compete or stock close to what you can order online. So whatever your choice might be, Stay fit and stay healthy.

Treadmill Buyers Guide 



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