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Former Law Enforcement Officer Publishes Book About his Miraculous Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury : Walking

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The doctors said he wouldn’t walk again. It was medically impossible. Recovered from a spinal cord injury sustained September 13, 2001, Jay Monteer, a former Intensive Supervision Officer for the 17th Judicial Circuit, can walk unassisted now and jog on a treadmill. Monteer describes his recovery as a miracle.

Monteer’s book, T11, was released December 24, 2003. A story of hope, determination and inspiration, the book details Monteer’s experiences from the time of the accident through his recovery and beyond.

Monteer was shot in the spine with an arrow outside Miller’s Sporting Goods store located in Garden City, MO. Richard Perry, who shot Monteer by accident, had just purchased a compound bow in the store and decided to try it out in front of the building as Monteer walked out the door.

The arrow entered through Monteer’s left side, chipped off a piece of his spleen and shattered when it hit his spine. The arrowhead ripped out a section of the spinal cord sac and pushed the spinal cord up against the T11 vertebrae, causing instant paralysis below the waist.

Because air traffic was still grounded two days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States, Monteer lay on the sidewalk, attended by local paramedics and a Cass County deputy sheriff for one hour and 13 minutes until Air Force jets out of Whiteman’s Air Force Base located in Knob Noster, MO were cleared to escort a Life Flight helicopter to the accident scene.

Monteer was flown to St. Joseph Hospital Trauma Center in Kansas City, MO, where a neurosurgeon performed the surgery. The surgeon found and reattached the piece of spinal cord sac, washed out the carbon fibers of the shattered arrow and repaired the spleen. Because of the loss of spinal cord fluid and the extensive swelling and bruising, the surgeon determined that Monteer would never walk again.

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